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ideas adrift - The Greater Perspective: ana's vertical  

"ANA’s new single, “Vertical,” is an enchanting and earnest love song that is a meditation on time. Through the lens of romance, specifically the hopes of starting up a new relationship, it often comes down to timing—how ready are we, how ready is the other person, at the exact moment when their paths collide, when the potential for a spark of any kind is at its fullest." Continue Reading


Stratton Setlist

Soulful Path – ANA Explores Self-Love, Personal Growth on ‘Fall With Me’ Single

Fall With Me magically transports listeners to a carefree, breezy spring day that provides instant relief and ample time to recharge. Thoughtful, enduring trumpet, delicate drums, mellifluous bass, fluttering synth and vivid electric guitar provide a mesmerizing escape into ANA’s dreamy world. Continue Reading


Current Magazine - Artist Spotlight: ANA

“It can be challenging to put emotions into words that actually express the emotions fully and not in a way that has been taught to us by the other media we have consumed,” ANA said. “I always try to write from a place of honesty and exploration, but also write in ways that evoke feeling in whatever capacity.” Continue Reading

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