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Na Bonsai announces her 3/12/23 release of a lush two-track EP, Alkhemy that takes the listener through an aural journey of inner transformation.


Alkhemy is a future soul/fusion composition, conceptually intended to illuminate our collective ability to transform our emotions and liberate ourselves.


The first song, Black As Lead, is about fearlessly shedding our past selves in order to make room for new energy. Followed by Closer To The Sun, a song about completing cycles by returning to our original selves and oneness. Pre-order the music on bandcamp now (including a bonus track, Returning


Na composed, arranged and co-produced the music on Alkhemy, and plans to premiere it in live performance this spring. The record has contributions from bassist and mixing engineer Haruki Hakoyama, drummer Todd Watts, keyboardist Barry Chambliss, and string-arranger Pirahnahead, among others. 


Na Bonsai is a multi-disciplinary artist, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and healing arts practitioner from Detroit, MI. Her work is rooted in the creative expression of narratives surrounding emotional health, radical love, collective care, and resistance to oppressive systems. Her musical career began in 2016 with the rise of her first band, Honey Monsoon, followed Na Bonsai’s releases of Breakfast Beats Volumes 1 & 2, and singles available exclusively on Bandcamp. Her most recent releases include the live video of Lonely and single, Inconceivable Power.  You can find her at, on spotify, apple music, bandcamp and instagram


Upcoming performances for Na Bonsai include:

  • (Austin, TX) March 15 - 7pm at Touché Lounge

  • (Detroit, MI) March 22 - 8pm Vibe W/ Me at Spotlite (with Wrcklés, Nuntheless, @Will, and Maraj Virtuoso) 

  • (Ann Arbor, MI) March 29 - 7pm North Star Lounge (with Dani Darling and Jade Nicole) 

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