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Ana Gomulka aka ANA, is a multidisciplinary artist who imbibes her sonic practice with cultural awareness and a deep commitment to connection. Drawing influence from powerful feminine energy across generations, she counts artists from Betty Carter to Nai Palm as vital parts of her musical lineage. Gaining momentum from leading the indie soul band Honey Monsoon, ANA is a solo venture that uses music, collage, printmaking, video work, and a host of other mediums as an open invitation to her spiritual practice.


Since 2016, Ana has focused on experimenting with a variety of technologies and instruments, always accompanied by her distinctive voice and often with a creative cast of Detroit musicians. Understanding sound as an extension of herself, she transmutes the intimacy, vulnerability, and empowerment of her day-to-day life into her projects. Upcoming songs for the artist focus on themes of freedom and love, intersecting with her dedication to activism through the arts. Her career has shown a consistent and powerful determination to do what only dreamers can do; heal the world. 

Her debut EP, 'Alchemy', is expected in 2022. She can be found posting updates and snippets on Instagram @aanaa_creates and on


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